A Statement About the Martrydom of Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki…

Chris at Occident posted the GIMF’s English-language translation of AQAP’s martrydom statement for Al-Awlaki and company.  You can find the full-text on his site here.

Here are the quotes that I think are most interesting:

The Americans assassinated the Islamic preacher, Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaqi and Sameer Khan without any brought proof of allegation, and they presented no evidence according to their own criminal laws of “freedom”.

Where are their calls of freedom, justice, and human rights and freedom which they claim? America was so harmed by them that they contradicted their own principle, which they do daily, on which they claim their country was founded.

America is the one who failed, as they did not abide by their principles, while the Sheikh proved victorious, as he lived according to his beliefs and died upon them.

And thus does America commit acts of injustice and aggression, killing on a daily basis. Indeed they have a dark history in the likes of these crimes, too lengthy to be recorded. They fabricate brazen lies in public, claiming to be the protectors of human rights, freedom and justice.

Well, they’ve got a point.  The criticism that the Obama Administration has come under in the aftermath for summarily executing Awlaki and Khan hasnt helped our public messaging on some of these issues.  The AQAP spin that the US does whatever it has to do to protect its interests, even if it means violating its own standards of justice, plays directly into the broader AQ narrative.

That said, I dont see much wrong with how we did it. I just think the Obama Administration should have been clearer in its public justification of why the killing was legal rather than letting the secret memo leak and AQ try to hang us by our own petard.

Another quote:

Yes, America has killed Sheikh Anwar, may Allah have mercy on him, but they can never kill his ideology. Rather, the martyrdom of the Sheikh is a new and revived life of his ideology and style.

The Sheikh has students which he taught, and students which have benefited from him in various parts of the world. They will march his march, following his tracks, continuing on the straight path, the path of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Well, true – this is a powerful point.  AQ’s ideology cannot be hellfired to death.  It must be destroyed by its own hand.  It must run its course and that’s where a modified “containment” approach – give AQ enough rope to hang themselves – would work better than all the “counter-narrative” mumbo jumbo we’ve spent tons of cash on.  AQ has to demonstrate that it is irrelevant and counterproductive.  It must become so costly for people to subscribe to AQ that they deter themselves in their head.

We need to go back to Foucault’s Discipline and Punish about how to outsource deterrence to the individuals themselves.  The USG does not have the money or the global support to continue on this path.  I’ll keep pulling on this thread, but I think the time has come to realize that the only one who can defeat the AQ ideology, is AQ.  We can accelerate the process by taking out their chief promoters and propagandists (bye Awlaki and Khan!)

And this from AQAP:

As for American politicians, people have become accustomed to the fact that whenever they kill a leader of Islam, or whenever one of its heroes is martyred, they start to imagine things, saying that they have finished off Islam or the Muslim Ummah, that the Muslim Ummah is now impotent, or on that day they have achieved a great victory by killing such-and-such Muslim.

Indeed it is only their imagination, as they are fighting an entire nation and a magnificent religion. They are fighting the Nation of True Monotheism (Taweed) and Jihad. How on earth can they think to break its resolve?!

This framing is totally wrong, but ironically precisely in line with what the “hater” CT trainers are pushing.  What you see here is AQAP trying to intentionally conflate American policy speeches about the collapse of Al-Qaida with a small group of people’s comments about the problems being sourced within Islam itself.

We must defy this narrative at all costs – the United States is not saying that Islam poses less of a threat the more that al-Qaeda’s leadership is neutralized, it is saying that al-Qaeda poses less of a threat.  When CT trainers in the United States and the other “experts” out there pushing that AQ = Islam echo this sentiment, they are advancing Al-Qaeda’s own talking point to America’s detriment.




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