AQAP Inspire Magazine Released (in full this time)

There had been a flurry of attention by the media to the recently released Inspire Magazine from Al-Qaida’s franchise in the Arabian Peninsula.  The magazine was released a few days ago but most of it was unreadable.  Some blamed a virus. Others pointed to the USG intentionally corrupting the file.

This morning AQAP re-released the file in full. Ibn al-Siqilli’s got a SCRIBD link on his page if you wanna see the whole mag safely.  People are still nervous to d/l the file because of potential virus concerns so I’ve decided to post up some screen shots with commentary so that you can get a quick sense for what all the fuss is about.

I concur with Thomas over at Jihadica that the story here is not that AQ put out an English magazine but how forgetful the media seems to be about the bounty of English-language jihadi material that’s been in circulation for years. That said, I’ll now contribute to the hype by extracting a bunch of sections from the full mag for your enjoyment. Note that this is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather representative of the mag’s contents:

1. Like Samir Khan’s “Jihad Recollections,” this mag similarly uses quotes from folks to make their points.  You can see the focus on NY in these ones that I’ve extracted (Faisal Shahzad, David Letterman, Youssef al-Khattab and NYPD’s Mitch Silber)

2. The magazine has a colorful section of provocative talking points that is meant to provide readers with simple questions that they can use for their own self-radicalization process as well as in their debates with non-jihadi types.  This kind of ‘boiling-down’ of complex political issues to these bite-sized talking points is critical for making an ideology more accessible to the masses.

3.  A quick news flash that Mustafa Abu al-Yazid is dead:

4 . Then, an advertisement for the plight of those less fortunate.

5. We see our feature article from Anwar al-Awlaki:

6. And then, in an effort to make jihadism accessible to the lowest common denominator, we get “cartoon crusade,” a ‘here’s-how-bad-the-crusaders-are-in-cartoon-format’ feature:

7. Inspire highlights the concept of “open source jihad,” which it defines as:

In this edition, they use the OSJ approach to teach readers how to make a bomb ‘in the kitchen of their mom.’

They also teach readers how to use encrypted forms of communication:

8. Perhaps my favorite section of this magazine is the summer-camp’ish styled ‘what to expect when you join the jihad’ section, chalk full of handy tips, including ‘what not to bring with you’  the ‘the importance of the jihadi buddy system.’

9. I also appreciate the mag’s reminder that the jihadist movement has failed in terms of winning the war and they do this by way of Abu Musab al-Suri.  I’ve previously commented that Jihad Recollections smelled  a lot like the actualization of al-Suri’s call to transform AQ into an educational movement above all else.

10. Then the obligatory ‘free-our-brothers-from-captivity’ list, which is often very reflective of where somebody’s from and what they care about:

11. They urge you to contact them if you can help. Again, this is very Marxist in their ‘from each according to your ability’ mindset.  Anything you can do to help the good of the collective, do it -


  1. Ryan says:

    Ibn al-Siqilli’s SCRIBD copy is no longer accessible

  2. Ibn Siqilli says:

    I just checked and it’s working for me.

  3. Ryan says:

    I get: “ERROR, document deleted by user”

  4. Ibn Siqilli says:

    It was working when I wrote last. Now it is indeed down. Someone seems to have complained about my account, though it’s pretty clear my blog is academic in nature. Amusingly, I received an e-mail saying that: “We have removed your document, “in” (id: 34187004) in response to a third-party notification or other indicia that this document was uploaded to without the authorization of the copyright owner.” Perhaps AQAP copyrights its propaganda (sarcasm).

  5. Ibn Siqilli says:

    Jihadi-takfiris have uploaded it to Internet Archive and I have included two working (as of now) links to IA in my post in place of the embed.

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