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Yousef al-Khattab: Let’s Talk

Yousef al-Khattab, thanks for posting to my blog this weekend. I checked out your site and listened to your last audio post. Here it is for my readers:

I also heard your recent NPR interview, which my readers can listen to here:

I’ve been following you and RM for some time on my blog (my favorite Yousef moments is either your abridged interview with those Vegas radio DJ’s or your “Wahhabi to have you” video after RM went down for a bit).

Given your change of heart that’s reflected in the above, I’d be interested in seeing if you’d be up for doing an open Q&A from my readers. If so, message me and we’ll set up the terms. I know there’d be a lot of interest in engaging you in a serious way about a host of issues.

Thanks -