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A New Kunya for Abu Yahya al-Libi: “Abd al-Hafiz”

“‘Abd al-Hafiz” is another kunya for Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi. 

Found it in  SOCOM-2012-0000011-HT.  To me, that’s a really find from the docs and I haven’t seen it published anywhere else in open source reporting before right now.

Here are some verbatim excerpts from SOCOM-2012-0000011-HT, which according to CTC, should be dated 28 March 2007, is addressed to a legal scholar by the name of Hafiz Sultan, and it is authored by someone who is of Egyptian origin:

Dear brother, write [to them] yourself, since al-Karrumi knows you and always asks me  about you, calling you “(maternal) Uncle so-and-so.” Have ‘Abd-al-Hafiz (TN: AKA ((Abu-Yahya)) al-Libi, senior LIFG religious scholar and member of al-Qa’ida’s Shari’ah Committee) write to the brothers, and he should never tire of writing and pressuring them;

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