The Dynamic Duo

Bin Laden to Atiyatallah:

it would be advisable for you and for Shaykh Abu Yahya to write some articles and provide advice to those working in the Jihad media in general to include the author partisans to the Mujahidin on the internet.  (SOCOM-2012-0000019-HT)

But he didnt say anything about needing to wear matching outfits, did he??

UBL Featurette 1: How to Destroy Al-Qaida

I am going to issue a few of these smaller featurettes that highlight what I believe to be some key themes coming out of the UBL doc release. This first one focuses on UBL’s concerns about AQ’s operational and strategic errors.  

Download: How To Destroy Al-Qaida: “By” Usama bin Laden